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Postdoctoral Workstation Introduction

August 2013 Jiangxi joint creation Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Postdoctoral Department approved the establishment by the people, companies and Chinese Academy of Sciences and Fudan University postdoctoral establish a cooperative relationship, hired well-known experts as instructors, provided by its excellent research conditions.

The company established a postdoctoral Management Committee and the Committee of Experts. Management committee president director, executive vice president and chief technology officer, deputy director, respectively, post-doctoral workstation owners. Postdoctoral same office management committee.

Stop condition and process of Dr.Stop working conditions and treatment of Dr.Postdoctoral research direction

Postdoctoral applicants stand conditions

1、have good political quality and moral level, law-abiding, no bad record;

2、PhD students, in recent years at home and abroad, Ph.D., excellent in character and learning, good health, generally not more than 40 years of age (special talents in addition), interested in engaging in technical innovation, high-tech product developers, will be available from the station for postdoctoral researchers;

3、has strong research ability and dedication, can dutifully completed post doctoral research work。

Postdoctoral for inbound process

1、according to the research needs and company with Dr. I requirements, workstation and the doctor consultation, the two sides initialed sign, stop agreement.  

2、have been identified in the doctor should provide the following materials to the workstation (four copies), examine and verify the workstation:

(1)application form "postdoctoral" (paper back "the applicant:" signature pit personnel hand sign);

(2)"expert recommendation letter" (doctoral tutor or recommend experts can not act as the applicant in the station during the co supervisor);

(3) postdoctoral stint audit table (the system, by the place the school employment guidance center seal, non collecting communication by file unit personnel seal);

(4)"post doctoral research stations academic department appraisal opinion table";

(5)"workstation of postdoctoral scientific research project steering group assessment opinion table";

(6) "workstation of postdoctoral scientific research project" Research on the table;

(7)"the people's Republic of China Education Office of the Consulate (Group) recommendation" (returned, fill in);

(8)Doctoral degree certificate and the copy of graduation certificate;

(9) a copy of ID card;

(10)the recent full faced 6 inch photos.

3、Dr. I login "countrywide postdoctoral interactive online office system" ( "service into the bar" to online application (please remember the user name and password). Received after on-line application, the national postdoctoral workstation Bo tube to do or the superior departments in charge shall stop procedures;

4、received approval into the station, station and postdoctoral I consultation, signed "LIAN opto postdoctoral researchers working agreement", if it belongs to the sub PhD, must sign labor contracts with LIAN opto;

5、for the file transmitting PhD, holding the office open Bo inbound documents and "to mobilize personnel registration form" to the files of the units for the file transfer procedures. The relationship between the party organization to LIAN opto party office.

Dr. pit stop conditions and processes

1、or a full-time post-doctoral researchers to Weipei; deputy general manager of full-time equivalent staff salary packages subsidiary; project to bring special talents, treatment can be negotiable, until satisfied, while reporting Jiangxi Distinguished experts and enjoy the associated benefits. Excellent annual assessment by the company rewarded;

2、the company is a postdoctoral research assistant staffing, their spouses, children, or settle for temporary residence, as well as their children move out of nursery, school and other related procedures and provide work vehicles and other related services;

3、to have creative achievements in scientific research, technological innovation or solve key technical problems and generate significant economic and social benefits of post-doctoral researchers, will be amply rewarded;

4、the company for postdoctoral researchers provide at least 100 square meters of housing, and equipped with broadband internet communications, desktop computers, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines and other necessary household supplies。

Dr. stint working conditions and treatment

1、LED lighting series products cooling technology research;

2、Study on the optical mechanism of LED lighting series products;

3、LED epitaxial wafer and chip technology research and industrial application of LED;

4、The research of intelligent lighting control system;

5、Study of semiconductor materials, devices and Applications;

6、Associated with the photoelectric research project。

Development of the company

The company will combine the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan requirements and LED industry alliance technology development plan proposed to determine the future development strategy of the company for three years. Strive to 3-5 years in LED intelligent control, LED field of new packaging materials to undertake national, provincial and municipal issues two, reached the international advanced level. At the same time, by two to three years to work together and stop Dr. corporate officers, making the company with independent intellectual property rights, technology significantly improve the technological content of products, technical level in the advanced level.