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Learning and development

Let people have the opportunity to work, to the director general of the people has the stage, do people return

We will be happy to provide you with:
1The development of space diversity and broad development platform

Company management, technology, market and development space for employees;

Good internal promotion space;

According to staff capacity and performance of different positions for the excellent staff rotation round grade platform.

2Multi level of different types of training and learning opportunities

The new company for the staff members have rich working experience of old teacher, guide the staff to quickly adapt to and integrate into the company;

Provide internal and external training and learning opportunities for employees。

3Competitive salary

Join us and we will provide your performance with the performance of your area, the industry has a competitive salary. Continued good performance of employees will have the opportunity to get a higher salary, advancement opportunities high probability.

4Diversification benefits
By law to pay social insurance and housing fund; Year-end bonuses;
Paid annual leave; Organize regular tours and medical staff;
Holidays, birthday child welfare Children and staff welfare; Fully furnished apartment accommodation and meals subsidies.