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Resume delivery

Contact:Tel 0791 -88,161,969
Address: High-tech Zone, Nanchang, Jiangxi Jingdong Avenue, No. 168 Union Optical Science and Technology Park

1, the candidates approach

(1) Direct resume: If you are interested in our jobs, please send your resume directly to (Please e-mail your resume when the title is set to name + candidates "post" format)

(2) through recruitment websites resume: You can also visit our recruitment website is currently being used: Jiangxi Talent Talent Network personnel networks and online registration Zhuobo resume.

We will review your resume promptly and contact by telephone with the candidates meet the requirements. Because of the time the reason for the initial screening qualified candidates will be invited to an interview within two weeks, during the interview did not receive notice of the candidates, will not consider this, the company will not be answered.

2, interview tips

Our address: Jingdong Road, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province High-tech Zone, No. 168 Union Optical Science and Technology Park

Tel: 88161969

Car lines: You can take the 231 bus to high new avenue take the north exit 5 bus to bus high-tech car park and ride bus 231 to Jingdong Avenue North exit to get off.

Interview required information: diploma, degree certificate, identity card, English certificates, professional skills certificate (these documents are required to provide the original), a 3-inch color photo