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Shanghai Xinmao Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xinmao technology Co., Ltd., for the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of microsystem and information technology holding company, was established in 1987. Shanghai institute of microsystem and information technology is a large comprehensive institutions of the Chinese academy of sciences, it is the predecessor of the central institute of engineering research institute, was established in 1928; it is the birthplace of the first piece of large scale integrated circuit in our country. Our company is one of the earliest LED electronic product research and manufacturing unit, its institute of technology as backing, set product development, production, management, service as one. For more than 20 years, the company according to the market demand continuously developed new products , has created a number of the first. Such as: the first piece of LED display screen in Nanjing Road, Shanghai(1987), the first piece of Venue real-time stock market LED display screen in Shanghai stock exchange(1990), the large screen for securities companies--The first hybrid market display screen(1991), the first all-electronic, networked hybrid exchange rate display screen launched in the banking sector(1994), the first real-time foreign exchange market analysis display screen, the nation's first piece using the best pure green and pure blue light-emitting tube manufacturing process to produce a high standard of true international full-color LED outdoor big screen(1997) and so on.

       The company rely on the Chinese academy of sciences’s Own technology, become the the domestic leading level in the lighting control, circuit design, light distribution and other technology, at the same level with the international top enterprises. Since 2008, the company relies on independent research and development, the design of the international leading technology and creative concepts of lighting lighting, lighting control created the domestic LED lamps and lanterns lighting project color asynchronous control success. Since then, the company commercial lighting applications, landscape lighting and other products with world-renowned light manufacturers, design firms, engineering companies, industry colleagues to establish a stable, long-term good relations of cooperation, strong hand in hand, to provide customers with specialized lighting system solutions. To ensure that the company's LED lighting products in any project can be efficient, timely, ensure the quality, meet customer demand.

       Company to "science and technology illuminates the dream" as own duty, adhering to the "innovation, creativity, efficient and pragmatic" enterprise culture, the spirit of "be the best partner for global LED applications" the development of vision, constant self-realization and self-improvement, self-improvement. So far the company product has obtained 8 patents results, Which patent application "high-power LED light source package"  solved the difficult problem of phosphor heat-related brightness attenuation, achieved good luminous performance and stable physical properties, occupies an irreplaceable position in the luminescent material. By the company technical personnel to develop the replaceable LED optical lens barrel lamp patent solves the same site for different matters need to change the problem of the LED lights, the user can follow one's inclinations change scenarios. Another company patents "ultra-thin LED lightscan facilitate the construction personnel for special occasions installation problems, solve the problem in narrow space installation LED display screen.

      The company's LED products have been widely used in securities, banking, government departments, public security traffic, property transactions, labor market, large shopping malls, square, community service, and various public information release, etc. Already has, including Tibet, 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the nation's more than three thousand users. Leading technology, has always been the pursuit of high quality, honest service for the company development.