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Shenzhen Lianzhi optoelectronic technology Co., Ltd.

   Shenzhen Lianzhi optoelectronic technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2013, main business areas include: LED lights, backlight modules, LED monitors, TVs and other products. The company has a complete system design and development and high-quality professional design team, passed the ISO9001: 2001 quality system, GJB/Z9001: 2001 quality system certification of military products. Formed from the_en_en LED device, to the full color display, back light, semiconductor lighting source and lighting application products relatively complete industrial chain and large-scale production.  Companies to seize the opportunity of national semiconductor lighting project implementation, as a breakthrough in LCD display with LED backlight and semiconductor lighting, improving the LED power device packaging technology level, enhance the overall competitiveness of the LED products, formed the company LED industry scale effect and technical advantages.

     The company adhere to “Linking the world of excellence, create a optoelectronic great cause”,the management idea of seek for the welfare of the five parties, and the "pragmatic, efficient, innovation and excellence" core values, strengthening technological innovation, team building, efforts to build the company into a photoelectric industry has continued to become leading enterprise.