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Jiangxi Lianchuang Special Microelectronics Co., Ltd.

     Jiangxi Lianchuang special microelectronics Co.,Ltd. (746 factory) was established in 1958, is the original four military enterprises directly under the ministry of machine, is the only military silicon junction fet fixed-point production factory. The company has the standard production lines and large-scale purification plant, strong technical force, product quality is reliable, and has the ability of rapid development and the development of new products. Main production are 3 DJ, CS series military silicon junction FET; 3 DO and 4 DO series silicon MOS FET; 3 DG, CD series high frequency of small and medium-sized power transistor; JFM series high power MOS transistor. Since the mid - 1970s began to assume national key project and weapon equipment form a complete set of scientific research and production of semiconductor devices,has provided millions of military semiconductor device with high reliability.

July 1994, the factory started the work of  military product quality system and silicon junction FET military standard production line certification, 1998 passed GJB9001A - 2001 certification, in October the same year, passed the ISO9000 quality management system certification, and through all previous review; 2010 passed GJB9001B-2009 certification; 2004 passed level 3 confidential qualification certification of Jiangxi Province weaponry research and production units of State Secrecy Bureau, 2009 passed review; 2009 passed equipment supplier qualification, 2013 passed review ; 2009 passed weaponry research and production license certification; 2011 passed high-tech enterprise certification; 2013 through the military industrial system of safe production standardization level 3 certification.

     Company production of semiconductor discrete devices, which are widely used in "921" manned space flight, "the moon", "beidou", "east is red", "situation", "resource", "force", "wave 2", "east wind", "red flag", "eagle strike", "bang", "avant-garde" and other national key project, and many times awards and rewards to by the superior departments. The company will continue to develop innovative, excellence, continue to be of excellent quality, satisfied service to contribute to national defense.