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Jiangxi Lianchuang Cable Co., Ltd.

     Jiangxi Lianchuang Cabler Co.,Ltd. is located in ji’an county under the Jinggangshan, where gathering of talents, beautiful scenery. Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Guangdong - Jiangxi , Xiamen - Chengdu and other expressway and 105,319 national highway through the city, Jinggangshan Airport is only 40 kilometers away from the_en_en company, the transportation is very convenient.

     Company covers an area of 101 acres, plant area of  15,600 square meters. The workshop bright and spacious, rational layout. Office design unique style grandeur. Office design is very unique, magnificent grand.

     Our main products are: "Lianchuang" brand power cables, overhead insulated cables, radiation crosslinking frequency cables, control cables, computer cables, PVC insulated cables, mining cables, universal rubber cables, silicone rubber insulation and sheathed cables, wind generators, marine cables, nuclear power cables, aluminum cable, special high-temperature wire and cable, ACSR aluminum and plastic insulated wire cloth and so on.

     The company is an important partner within and outside the province electricity, metallurgy, transportation, mineral and other industries related key construction projects, and dedicated to providing quality products and services for the national key projects.

     In order to improve the power of technology and equipment, optimize the product structure, improve the technological content and market competitiveness, the company investment newly added rail cable, wind cable, aluminum cables, special cables and other production line project.