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Jiangxi Lianchuang Lighting Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Lianchuang lighting information technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional high-tech company engaged in IT technology which is invested by Jiangxi Lianchuang Optoelectronic technology Co.,Ltd., and it is jiangxi lianchuang optoelectronic technology co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary. The company was established in 2001,in accordance with the enterprise standard, the company set up a board of directors and the supervisory agencies, is according to the modern enterprise management system to form a limited liability companies.

Our main business areas are sales of IT products, product applications, software development, network systems integration, integrated wiring, security monitoring project design,  construction and application of LED products and pre-sales technical consulting, sales technical support and after-sales maintenance services.

    Jiangxi lianchuang lighting information technology co., LTD.has established good relations of cooperation With foreign well-known computer, peripherals, network and other products manufacturing and developers. And it is the core of  the founder technology company in Jiangxi province distribution platform, Sugon server Gold Partner and regional technical service stations, IBM, HP, DELL, Huawei, Apple, Symantec's systems integrators, LUCENT cabling system certification integrators, etc.The company has  a secondary qualification, security monitoring system integration level 3 qualifications, intelligent building  three level qualification, can provide complete electronic residence building for the general customers comprehensive application solutions and products after-sales technical services.

    Jiangxi lianchuang lighting information technology co., LTD. since its establishment to undertake a large number of primary and secondary school education, vocational education and the campus information network, application software development and integration projects, security monitoring project of large and medium-sized enterprises campus computer networks,cabling and security monitoring and enterprise information application management software integration projects, and government institutions computer information application products and system integration projects and LED display and lighting engineering projects, received the recognition and praise of users. The company has won a top ten IT enterprises in jiangxi province and jiangxi province ten big software enterprise honorary title.

    Jiangxi Lianchuang lighting Information Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to IT high-tech products, advocating people-oriented, integrity integrity founding spirit of enterprise; comply with honesty, responsibility, community service, self-realization of the corporate culture. Relying on awareness of innovative ideas and honest service; relying on highly qualified technical team of skilled, diligent seriously, management and orderly, honest and thoughtful ; relying on outstanding style of honest and trustworthy, tolerant of others; rely on the staff "joint venture" spirit, fully implement the needs of users.