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Jiangxi Lianchuang Cable Technology Co.,Ltd.

     Jiangxi Lianchuang Cable Technology Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1966,is China's first cable manufacturer, is the most important optical cables and cables for military R & D(research and development) and manufacturing base.

     Company products are mainly covered in the communication cable, electricity, radio, television, broadband, aerospace, weak engineering, locomotives and ships, electrical equipment, new energy, defense and military fields. Products with excellent quality and good reputation to win the domestic all provinces and cities, and the United States, the European Union, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Brazil and other countries of the market.

     The company is a "national high-tech enterprise", with two provincial technical development center, with dozens of inventions and utility model patents, successfully completed a number of important national military product development, subject to awards relating to defense and military sectors.

     Focus on long-term development, the company's future plans mainly aimed at the development and promotion of the new energy, new traffic, environmental safety and multi-network integration of high-tech cables, become the forefront of cable technology companies!